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         圓錐量規 加圓錐試驗棒    
        Taper gauges •Test bars



             Taper gauges are used to inspect gauge taper and taper's standard   diameter (the diameter at the large or small end).Generally comprised of   a taper plug gauge and a taper ring gauge,the connected pair forms a standard gauge.However,this gauge can also be manufactured with a  notch in order to identify this product's standard stopping position on the  end face.(see diagram).



             How to use taper gauges

             用錐形量規檢查錐形產品的時候,一般在檢查錐形孔時以錐形塞規的大端側面為基準線,或者一斷面作為基準,在檢查錐形軸時,以錐形側面的小端側面為基準,根據與產品孔或者軸的端面的偏差量來斷定是否合格。錐度是根據接觸的狀況進行檢查的。檢查接觸狀況時,在塞規的表面均勻的涂一層薄薄的藍色的糊劑(滑潤油一類的),放 入錐形孔旋轉幾下塞規然后拔出。接觸的部分已被量規摩落藍色糊劑或者紅鉛粉,由此斷定接觸狀況。為了充分進行檢查接觸狀況,需注意以下幾點:

        For inspecting tapered products by taper gauges.Generally the inspection of the taper hole is done at the base of thandard line of the large end of the taper plug gauge or at the end face of the taper plug gauge.This inspection of the taper shaft is generally done at the small,end of the end face.Pass of fail is detemined by the amount of deviation from the hole of the product or end face of the shaft.In addition,the taper is inspected by contact.To inspect by contact 05taper,apply a light coat of Prussian bule or light cinnabar evenly on the surface of the plug,and insert it in the tapered hole,the turn the plug a little and remove.As good contact of tpere theapplied bule or light cinnabar is removed from the gauge.Furthermore to perform satisfactory inspection of contact,the following precautions should be noted.

        1、 仔細清潔量規以及產品,特別是不得粘附切屑等。

                Clean the gauge and product well,removing any accumulated dust.

        2、 在量規的表面均勻的涂一層薄薄的藍色的糊劑(潤滑油一類的)或是紅鉛粉,涂的時候以顏色來判定。凝固后的顏色變化為相當不同的淺顏色為止細心的涂滿產品全身,這點非常重要。

                Apply Prussian bule or light cinnabar evenly over the gauge.It is necessary to apply ti throughly before it changes into a lighter color.

        3、 將量規放入產品的過程中應防止相互碰擦,請充分注意。

                Be careful to avoid scraping the gauge and product against each other or putting the gauge in only halfway.

        4、 通常,使塞規直立狀態下保持或者固定,環規則用相同的力向下輕輕推動環規,使其旋轉約八分之一,恢復原狀。

                Under normal conditions,hold or anchor the plug in an upring position;then tum the ring about 1/8 while pressing down lightly with even force;then replace it.

        5、 小心地將量規和產品分開。此時,請不要讓產品和量規相互碰撞。此外,量規之間的相互檢查,也采用接觸檢查。

                Separate the gauge and product gently.Becareful not to scrape this time as well.Contact can also be used for between gauge.






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