In 1957, a small garment factory was born in Toronto, northeastern Canada. Canada Goose Inc. was founded in the textile industry. Currently, while there are many outdoor brands in North America and Europe that are moving to production areas in Asia and other countries where cost reduction is required, production is committed to “Made in Canada” with rigorous product control and solid technological capabilities that are constantly innovating. 

Nearly 50 years after its founding, Canadian Goose products continue to be offered to people living in extreme cold regions such as Northern Canada, Siberia and Alaska, as well as professionals such as the Antarctic Expedition and Everest Mountaineering Corps. They have fed back data based on their field experience. In 1999, he provided wear to the expedition François Véjour, who ran the North Pole with a dog sled, and in 2000, provided wear as a sponsor of the Arctic Trek 2000 team that realized a snowmobile expedition of approximately 8000 miles.